CLICKFRANK is an information site started and maintained by Frank Coliviras to share his thoughts on technology and the impact it will have on our collective future.


Thoughts about our technology infested future.
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Taking a page from politicians' playbook, I decided to promote my thoughts, claiming authority over all subject matter without regard to ridicule, dissent or pesky nuisances such as verification. I hope that 96% of you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it.

Standard of living

We are living better than any of our ancestors. We consume more, we have access to healthcare, decent housing, ample transportation options, all we can eat, entertainment, travel at a whim and so much more that wasn’t possible even just a few decades ago. Although the distribution of wealth has lately been lopsided, we still, collectively have a better standard of living than our grandparents...

Guaranteed income is

There is no question that technology has made everything more efficient but in the process it has eliminated more jobs than it has created. A short-term side effect one would think, impacting only the generation in transition while it retrains, refocuses and contributes in altered ways. I would agree except for the fact that the pace of innovation and automation is accelerating and it looks like it may gobble up yet another generation, or two.

Our future is bright

I started the Clickfrank blog partly to share information about technology and its impact on our collective future and partly as a personal hobby where I could expand my knowledge and serve as a platform for experimentation. I strongly believe that the quality of life of the current and next generations will greatly benefit from technology and that the rapid advancement and sometimes painful transition we are experiencing, will take place at the speed of.. technology.

I have been in the software industry for over 20 years, coding, designing, implementing and supporting systems, managing projects of all sizes and complexity, launching systems that simplify users' lives and make companies more efficient. Currently, I am the Chief Technology Officer of Softcare Solutions, a Toronto based company that assists human service agencies to increase their capacity and capability through the adaptation of information technology.

-Frank Coliviras